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Mirador Valle del General is a peaceful destination to visit during your trip to Costa Rica. Located in the mountains of Talamanca at 1600 meters above sea level and overlooking El General Valley, Mirador Valle del General offers great lodging and a typical food restaurant, trails in the forest, and wonderful birding opportunities with the Violet Sabrewing, Scaled Antpitta, White-tailed Emerald and Red-headed Barbet as the highlights for birdwatchers.

Atractive: At Mirador you can admire sunny days in the majestic Talamanca Mountain Range in which highest peak in Costa Rica, Chirripo Peak is located. You can also watch The Crestones which are rock elevations. In the sunny days, especially in the mornings you can see the Pacific Ocean and also the Division Range that finish with the image of El Santo (similar to Cristo Redentor, in Brazil) blessing the arrival to the valley.  

We are a family business, proud of our natural richness and our culture, and we enjoy sharing it every detail. "A family place with a cozy environment": a concept that defines and inspires us to offer you the best, tailored service and prompt help with every detail.

We are located between the Quebradas river and Painer river in the kilometer 119 of the
South Panamerican Highway  from San José, it should take you approximately 2 and a half hours from San José and just 20 minutes from San Isidro de El General.


VALLE DEL GENERAL hotel, restaurante y canopy.

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